Become a Guest

If you are a coach or expert and have a topic you know our audience would benefit from, you may have a chance to be on Coach Talk.

Coach TalkTM is back and we are kicking off with Resolve to Reclaim – Personal & Business Development Summit for Coaches.

We are starting with daily replays from Resolve to Reclaim 2017.

Check out who we had for 2017’s summit here:

We are currently pre-marketing with daily replays from Resolve to Reclaim 2017 on YouTube, Facebook, and soon we will be on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Sound Cloud.

Check out some of last year’s speakers here: YouTube

Then we are moving into 2018 with new speakers and new topics.

2017 was a hit and so much fun. We are doing it again, but slightly different.

We are seeking speakers on the following topics:

  • entrepreneurship
  • business
  • marketing
  • careers
  • health

We currently have enough speakers for personal development. Therefore, we are not seeking speakers on personal development topics including Happiness, Mindset, Confidence, Self-Esteem, etc. We are specifically looking for topics above.

Event dates: February 1 – 28, 2018

1 speaker a day for 4 weeks. (Yes, different from last year)


Universal Coach Institute will do pre-event marketing and individual marketing of each speaker during the event.

Our best-converting platforms: Facebook Ads, Periscope, YouTube, Universal Coach Institute (high traffic website), and email list.

Other platforms include: iTunes, Instagram, Twitter, and any platforms you choose to announce the summit on.

Call Guidelines

This appointment is the actual call for the summit.

You can choose whether you want to do a video call, presentation call, or telephone call.

You can choose interview style or presentation style.

If you choose interview style, these are example questions I will ask on the call.

1) What is [your topic] by definition?

2) Why is [your topic] so important?

3) What are the common misconceptions that people have about [your topic] and why are they incorrect?

4) How did you find the solution? What’s your personal story?

5) What are the steps to accomplish or be successful in [your topic]?

6) What is the #1 reason people fail to succeed in [your topic]?

7) What are some specific roadblocks to watch out for?

8) How can listeners specifically overcome the roadblocks?

9) What are actions steps listeners can take to today?

10) What would life look like in 30 days, 90 days, 1 year for listeners if they got started today?


Speaker’s Agreement for Resolve to Reclaim 2018

The summit will feature a panel of coaches in a variety of personal and business development topics, discussing ways to Resolve to Reclaim Life, Health, Wealth, Relationships, Business, Marriage, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Finances, Spirituality, Power, Awesomeness, Heart, Passion, Happiness, Thoughts, and so much more in 2018.

Please review the following document. In agreeing to it, you, and Universal Coach Institute, LLC., are agreeing to the terms as noted below:

General Terms:

• You agree to participate as an Expert/Coach for one interview,
• You agree to participate in one 30-45 minute call on the subject area(s) discussed prior to the call,
• You agree the call will be recorded by Universal Coach Institute, LLC,
• Universal Coach Institute, LLC agrees to provide the back-end coordination and production for this event, including conference call lines, recording equipment, e-mail reminders to participants, etc.

The Speaker agree to provide:

 Bio
 Headshot
 Website
 Lead magnet (Free gift for audience)


• You agree to participate in the summit for no charge and agree not to request compensation from Universal Coach Institute, LLC. at any point in the future. Speaker is also permitted to sell their products and/or services and utilize a presentation (optional).

Intellectual Property:

• The material you share in your expert session is and will remain, solely yours. You also agree to not try to repurpose, sell, teach, or train with other presenter’s information.

• Universal Coach Institute, LLC owns the recordings, images, and transcripts of the summit. Universal Coach Institute, LLC may re-purpose, re-sell and re-use your recording indefinitely and without compensation to you.

• You are free to re-purpose, re-sell and re-use your expert session indefinitely and without compensation to Universal Coach Institute, LLC.


This is optional, but would love it if..

• You send to your community 1 solo email (copy will be provided by Universal Coach Institute, LLC) for the event within the 4-week promotional period in January 2018.

• You post your speaker badge or event flyer to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profile twice during the weeks of promotion (copy will be provided by Universal Coach Institute, LLC.)

• If you are a Periscope or Facebook Live broadcaster you mention the event at least once during promotion.

By filling out the form for interview scheduling indicates full compliance with the terms and requests stated above.